Android Dot3D Installation Instructions

Android Dot3D Installation Instructions

  1. System Updates: Before installing onto your Android device, please ensure your Android OS is up to date by checking for updates from Settings. Please click here for instructions on updating your operating system. If you haven't updated in a while, you may have to do this multiple times.
  2. Compatibility Check: Dot3D is compatible with Android 7.0 and up and has been tested for use with the following phones and tablets. It will also run on many other modern Android phones and tablets including all DPI-10 and DPI-8 tablets, but is not compatible with the Tegra Note or the Nexus 7 (DPI-7 tablets). This is because we make use of OpenGL ES Version 3. Please note that additional specs are required for use with Intel RealSense depth cameras for 3D scanning from Dot3D Pro/Scan. Please click here for more information on these required specs.
  3. Download: To install Dot3D on Android, you will first need to add the .apk file to your phone/tablet. Please click here to download the latest release. This can be downloaded directly onto the device from a mobile browser, or onto a computer and then dragged across onto the tablet/phone via USB cable/stick.
    If you are downloading directly onto your device, we recommend you use Mozilla Firefox for the download. Lately we are seeing Google Chrome and some other browsers automatically change the file extension to .zip or .jar. If this happens, please edit the file name in a file management app (see below for options) to change the file extension back to just .apk, and then open the file. Do not unzip the file.
  4. Installation: Once the .apk file is on your device, please open it from a file management app such as File Manager, Samsung My Files, or from the native Android file management capabilities found under Settings>Storage. Please agree to "Allow apps from unknown sources" if prompted. Then follow the steps to complete the app installation onto your device.
  5. License Activation: Before you open Dot3D for the first time, please make sure you are connected to the internet on your device. This is required for initial license activation. Next, open Dot3D and enter your license key when prompted. Ideally, we recommend copy+pasting the key, to ensure all characters are entered correctly. If you need to obtain a license key (purchase or free trial), please click here.
  6. Load Calibration: If you have any calibration files associated with your depth camera(s), please add them to your tablet/phone in the following folder: Internal Storage > Dot3D > Calibrations. These files will be auto-loaded from that folder when you plug in each camera, or can be manually loaded via Settings > Sensors / Cameras > Scan Calib. Folder. To confirm your calibration file is loaded, go to Settings > Sensors / Cameras and select the calibration tab under the connected camera of interest.

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