How to Batch Optimize Multiple DP Scans in Dot3D

How to Batch Optimize Multiple DP Scans in Dot3D

It is often practical to optimize multiple DP scans in bulk, rather than process each one by one. Please see below for instructions on how to perform this operation:

1. Open Dot3D to the Gallery View (home screen)
2. If your scans are in the default folder (Dot3D>Data), you should see their thumbnails in the default Gallery View (home screen) right away (in chronological/alphabetical order). If not, please use File>Open to open the folder containing your unoptimized scans.*
3. Click and hold (or tap/hold on touch screen devices) on each thumbnail of the scans you'd like to bulk optimize. Thumbnails with a star icon  in the bottom right corner indicate scans that have already been optimized. Thumbnails without this icon indicate scans that have not been optimized.
4. Once you've selected all the relevant unoptimized scans, please navigate to File>Optimize to begin the bulk optimization process. You will be given the opportunity to utilize "AprilTags for loop closure" and "Color Leveling" as optimization constraints/parameters (and should take advantage of both), but may notice you do not have access to other more advanced optimization constraints here. If you plan to optimize with parallel plane, scale bar targeting, and/or hard targeting constraints, please optimize each scan individually. Future updates to Dot3D may improve these capabilities during bulk optimization.

* If you have previously activated the "Enable native file dialog" setting from Settings>Units/More, you will need to disable this in order to open a folder from File>Open.
Alternatively, you may go straight to File>Optimize instead of individually selecting scans. This will auto-select all unoptimized scans in the open folder, and you should then deselect any that you do not want to optimize at this time.
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