Dot3D 5.0 / iOS LiDAR Tutorial Video

Dot3D 5.0 / iOS LiDAR Tutorial Video


Welcome to the Dot3D for iOS LiDAR tutorial. This video will walk you through the full process of 3D scanning, optimizing, editing, and exporting an accurate color point cloud from a LiDAR-equipped iOS device via Dot3D. While this tutorial is presented for iOS LiDAR devices from an iPad Pro 2021, most sections/comments will also apply to Windows / Android Dot3D platforms (RealSense, DPI, etc.) once 5.0 has also been released on those platforms. Below is a table of contents for your convenience: Chapter 1: Live Scanning Tutorial (01:13) Chapter 2: Hi-Res Photo Capture (04:20) Chapter 3: Scan-Time Annotation (05:20) Chapter 4: AprilTag Capture Workflows (06:10) Chapter 5: Comments on Large Scene Capture (06:46) Chapter 6: Pause and Review Scans (07:49) Chapter 7: Unoptimized Previews (08:33) Chapter 8: Append Tutorial (08:58) Chapter 9: Adding Reference Constraints (10:31) Chapter 10: Optimization (12:01) Chapter 11: Scene Rendering (14:25) Chapter 12: Setting Coordinate System (16:15) Chapter 13: Measurement (17:50) Chapter 14: Annotation (19:14) Chapter 15: Viewing Hi-Res Photos (21:00) Chapter 16: Screenshots (21:52) Chapter 17: Saving DP Point Cloud Files (22:03) Chapter 18: Exporting to Other Formats (23:45) Chapter 19: More Viewing Options (24:46) Chapter 20: Other Settings (25:45) Download Dot3D for iOS: Download Dot3D for Windows/Android:

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