Dot3D Feature History

Dot3D Feature History

Dot3D 4.1.7:
- O
rigin picking is now independent from coordinate assignment
- Fixes and improvements to RealSense calibration processes
- Improvements to global scene optimization
- Bugfixes related to rare crashes on opening

Dot3D 4.1.6:
- Tracking improvements
- Re-localization improvements
- Optimization improvments
- Various new bug fixes

Dot3D 4.1.4:
- Improvements to OBJ file import for Design Compare feature
- Under-the-hood optimization improvements
- Bug fixes and logging enhancements

Dot3D 4.1.3:
- Updates to Italian and Spanish translations
- Improvements to Append feature with Intel RealSense cameras (especially D455)
- Renewed support for NVIDIA SHIELD Android tablet
- Additional UI improvements

Dot3D 4.1.2:
- Updates to German and Japanese translations
- Various bug fixes

Dot3D 4.1.1:
- New laser power setting slider for RealSense cameras
- Lower min-depth for L515 if using lower laser power
- UI and troubleshooting dialog improvements
- Various bug fixes and other improvements

Dot3D 4.1.0:
- Introduction of Dot3D X and DPX file format
- Annotation-to-annotation measurement connections
- Introduction of Dot3D Free (3D scanning ability remains after license expiration)
- Latest librealsense updates, improving RealSense compatibility/performance
- Significant under-the-hood improvements to Intel RealSense L515 and D455 support/settings
- Accuracy improvements via enhancements to AprilTag functionality and other optimization constraints
- Behind the scenes improvements to tracking, optimization, and more
- Improvements to overall UI, settings, and options
- Renewed support for Z+F LaserControl integration on Windows and Android
- Dot3D Scan officially changed to Dot3D Lite (name change only)
- File dialog improvements
- New annotation settings
- Extensive bug fixes throughout the app

Dot3D 4.0.3:
- New and improved scan-time annotation functionality
- Ability to attach high-res photos to scan time annotations during capture
- Additional RealSense resolution customization settings (helpful with troubleshooting)
- Latest librealsense updates, improving RealSense compatibility/performance
- Intel RealSense LiDAR Camera L515 now fully supported in Dot3D Scan
- Various bugfixes and improvements to performance and results

Dot3D 4.0.2:
- Bugfixes and improvements to PLY export, hard targeting, scale bar targeting, and Dot3D View licensing.

Dot3D 4.0.1:
- Latest librealsense updates, improving RealSense compatibility/performance
- Translation updates and improvements
- Bugfix relating to scale bar targeting / hard targeting with AprilTags

Dot3D 4.0.0:
- Support for Intel® RealSense™ LiDAR Camera L515*
- Support for 
Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera D455*
- Multiple savable measurements
- Custom annotation classes
- Scan-time annotations
- All-new user interface
- Translations: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, Japanese
- Support for Lat/Long coordinate input for coordinate systems and annotations
- Display of Lat/Long annotations on a map (Android only)
- Conversion to US State Plane coordinates
- Improved re-localization functionality
- Ability to show detected AprilTag IDs in the scene
- Ability to export Measurements and Annotations to JSON / CSV
- Advanced CPU/GPU settings
- Option to store and export high-res sensor frames
- Access to recent files from the Gallery
- CPU / Memory dialog to optimize performance on Windows
- Autosave folder for unoptimized backups
- JPEG Export of HR frames with EXIF
- Support for new and improved DP calibration (D455)
- Other feature improvements, various bug fixes
*Minimum specs required for use with Intel RealSense 3D cameras.

Dot3D 3.3.4: Bug fixes resolve issues with E57 import into Autodesk ReCap
Dot3D 3.3.3: Spanish language support, Color leveling toggle during optimization, High-res keyframe capture & export optionE57 sensor frames export option, Targeting feature improvements, RealSense library updates, UI improvements, Various bug fixes
Dot3D 3.3.2: Fill volume calculation, custom surface area calculation, Japanese language support, Italian language support, native OS file management, Intel® RealSense™ updates, improved HD photo capture, other improvements & bug fixes
Dot3D 3.3.1: Improvements to operation speed and tracking
Dot3D 3.3.0: Bounding Dimensions Measurement, Mandarin Support, German Support, Improvements & Bug Fixes
Dot3D 3.2.0:Intel® RealSense™ 3D scanning on Android devices (D415, D435, D435i), Photo Annotations, Web Link Annotations, HD Photo Capture on Windows Tablets, Access to Multiple HD Tablet Cameras, Improved Sensor Management UI, Enhancements for Multi-Sensor Platforms, HD Photo Location Export, AprilTag Location Export, Annotation Location Export, AprilTag Scan to Scan Registration (via AprilTag Location Export), New PLY Export Options, Additional UI Improvements, Bug Fixes
Dot3D 3.1: Intel® RealSense™ 3D Scanning on Windows devices (D415, D435, & D410), Unlimited HD Photo Capture During Scanning, All advanced targeting, calibration, and optimization functionality included in Pro
Dot3D 3.0: Introducing Dot3D Scan, Intel® RealSense™ 3D Scanning on Windows devices (D415, D435, & D410), HD Photo Capture During Scanning
Dot3D 2.0: Surface and Cylinder Annotations - Surface Area Calculation - Diameter Measurement - Coordinate System Editing - AprilTags Optimization - Batch Optimization - E57, LAS, LAZ, & POD Export Options - Send to Pointfuse Fuctionality - Orthographic Viewpoints - Decimation Options - User Interface Upgrades
Dot3D 1.0: Android & Windows OS - 3D cropping - 3D annotation - Precise measurement - In-app screenshots - Enhanced sharing - Send to InfiPoints DP - PTS, PTX, PLY, PTG Export Options

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