Minimum Specifications Required to Run Dot3D Pro (with supported Intel RealSense or DPI/PrimeSense 3D cameras)

Minimum Specifications Required to Run Dot3D Pro (with supported Intel RealSense or DPI/PrimeSense 3D cameras)

Minimum System Specs (All Platforms):
- At least one USB 3.0 (or higher) compatible USB port
- 1 GB of available hard drive / storage space
- Internet connection (to activate your Dot3D license)

Minimum System / OS Specs (Windows):
- Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y or comparable
     (Intel processors only)
- OpenGL 3.3 compatible Graphics
- 4 GB of RAM (8+ recommended)
- Windows 10 or later

Minimum System / OS Specs (Android):
- Quad Core CPU (not older than 2017)
- Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset
- OpenGL ES 3.1 compatible Graphics
- 2 GB of RAM
- Android 7 or later

Recommended Cables:
  1. Anker Thunderbolt 3.0 Cable 1.6 ft
  2. 3.1 Gen2 4K 10G USB C to USB C Cable 1FT
  3. USB C-to-C 22 cm - Silver
  4. USB C-to-C 22 cm - Black
  5. USB C-to-A cable included with all RealSense kits
**Please note that USB-A to USB-C adapters may not work properly for this connection. We recommend the USB C-to-C options listed above.**

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