Intel RealSense Firmware Update Procedure

Intel RealSense Firmware Update Procedure

Please follow the steps below to update your Intel RealSense camera to the latest available firmware from a Windows PC. It is recommended you check for available updates regularly, especially if you are running into any performance/connection issues with your camera.

1. Download the latest Intel RealSense Viewer (Intel.RealSense.Viewer.exe) for Windows. This can be found here, under "Assets" for the latest IntelĀ® RealSenseā„¢ SDK release.
2. Open the IntelRealSense.Viewer.exe file on your PC and connect your RealSense camera via the included USB cable.
3. Follow the prompts in the top right of the screen to update your firmware.

4. Do not disconnect your camera until you see ""Camera Firmware Updated Successfully".
5. If your device is recognized, but you do not see any prompts to update your firmware, you are already running the latest.

If you are still running into issues with your RealSense connection after updating, please see below for more troubleshooting options:

In the rare occasion that you need to update to a particular firmware manually, please follow the steps below:
1. Visit to download the Intel RealSense Viewer and the latest firmware.
2. Extract the .zip firmware folder.
3. Open the Intel RealSense Viewer from the .exe file and connect your Intel RealSense camera to your computer via the included USB-A cable.
4. Click on More>Update Firmware under your recognized camera on the left side of the screen.
5. Follow the steps to select your extracted .bin file and update the firmware.