Dot3D Offline Licensing Procedure

Dot3D Offline Licensing Procedure (Customer Instructions)

Please review this video tutorial for offline license activation instructions: The steps to implement are also outlined below. This is the exception to the norm and is only available via prior arrangement with DotProduct.

1. Download and install the latest offline license enabled version of Dot3D. This is available by special request only, for Dot3D 3.3 and up.
2. Open Dot3D and navigate to Settings> License Info.
3. Select "Save device ID file" and save to a known location on your device.
4. Send your device ID file to and/or your direct DotProduct contact.

5. DotProduct will then provide you an offline license file. Once you have this, please open Dot3D and select "Load license file" from Settings>License Info. (Note: If you don't see the screen change after doing this once, please try a second time).

6. Either scan the bar code that comes up with a QR code reader (i.e. with one of these apps: Android or Apple) or send your Offline Lic. Confirmation code to DotProduct directly.
7. Enter the Confirmation Code, either provided by following the link in the QR code, or from DotProduct support directly.
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