Known Issue: Pink/Purple Off-Colors from RealSense D455 & L515

Known Issue: Pink/Purple Off-Colors from RealSense D455 & L515

We have recognized the following color effects in data captured with the Intel RealSense D455 and L515 cameras in certain scenarios:

1. Pink/purple data in bright sunlight with the Intel RealSense Depth Camera D455
In certain direct sunlight situations (i.e. hot pavement in the sun), you may notice a pink/purple tint to the data. Our optimization / color leveling will help this to a degree, but some of the off-colors may persist in the resulting data. The more you pan over an area of interest, the more likely these off-colors will be filtered out during optimization. While the D455 is an upgrade over the D415/D435/D435i in terms of range, FOV, performance, and accuracy, this color issue should be noted as one drawback, although it is typically only apparent in bright, sunny, outdoor scenes (hot surfaces). If you are looking for the best possible colors in bright sunny scanning conditions, we would recommend you consider the D415.

2. Pink/purple data around lighting fixtures with the Intel RealSense LiDAR Camera L515
You may notice some pink/purple colors around certain lighting fixtures captured with the LiDAR Camera L515. These off-colors are typically very minor and have only been noticed around certain lights. This issue is much less significant than the outdoor issue noted above with the D455  (although it's also important to note that the L515 will not work in sunlight at all and is even significantly limited by window light and certain dark/shiny surfaces).
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