Differences Between Dot3D Pro for iOS and Dot3D Pro for Android/Windows

Differences Between Dot3D Pro for iOS and Dot3D Pro for Android/Windows

Last updated: January 5, 2023

Dot3D Pro for iOS:
$299.99 / year
Supported cameras: embedded iOS LiDAR scanner ONLY
Unique features (not on Android/Windows yet):
  1. iOS inertial tracking maintains consistent tracking across even the most difficult areas
  2. Built-in flashlight access during scanning
  3. Pause/resume scanning capability
  4. High resolution photo locations are more exact (because all part of the same embedded camera module)
  5. New scan-time visualization (real-time full-color reconstruction)
  6. New targeting UI for ultra simple, streamlined referencing of distances and/or coordinates

Dot3D Pro for Android/Windows:
$995 / year (also includes complimentary Dot3D Pro for iOS license)
Supported cameras: Higher accuracy 3D camera attachments ONLY (no embedded options)
Unique features (not on iOS yet):
  1. 3D filtering
  2. Targetless Align feature (multi-scan Append)
  3. 3D design comparison
  4. RCS export format (Windows only) 
  5. Surface & cylinder annotation
  6. Pipe diameter and surface area measurement
  7. Bounding dimensions tool
  8. Fill volume calculation
NOTE: Any of the above can also be paired with a Dot3D Edit license ($120/year) for post-processing on Windows with all Pro functionality except scanning.

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